Wednesday, 18 March 2015

New Website Design and other projects

As the title implies, I am working on the 2015 version of my website. I started this at the beginning of the new year and here is an update as to how that is going.

 I will still be going with the nature theme but I am changing a few things up with a better layout in general and a bit more simplified. So basically I have the basic layout set up and the base buttons. I will be using the current social media buttons and the main buttons will be of a similar style. 

On this new website I will be putting some more of my work up (what I have been working on the last couple months) and I am debating putting a web safe version of my resume on here too. 

Work wise I am cleaning up my latest project which is a YouTube banner and will be posted on the new website. Also thinking of doing a demo reel of all my work complete with credits. I also have a few other ideas that I am working on.

That is the update for this entry and there will be more to follow. 

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