Friday, 27 June 2014

Portfolio Update and my favourite mediums

Well first right off the bat I will get the brief update out of the way. The portfolio page redesign has been completed and it better matches the style of the website and it is close to how my PDF portfolio was designed with a few images switched around. As I said before the works I removed from the page can still be viewed on DeviantArt and Flickr. My next task is my physical portfolio which will mirror the PDF and website versions.

The next topic I wish to mention is my favourite mediums that I have worked with a lot in my career. Without further ado here are my top 5 favourite design mediums. This does not include any digital mediums (photos, digital, animated etc.)

1. Watercolour - I really like how the paint blends to make nice colours. It also is a nice soft colour which works well for certain imagery. Clean up is not too bad and paint will wash out of clothes.

2. Chalk pastel - I like how well chalk pastel blends and again makes very nice soft colours. Clean up is also not too bad and usually washing clothes will take out the pigments.

3. Oil paint - Oil paint is good for when I want colours to stand out and I do enjoy the easy of the blending provided I have a decent brand of linseed oil and turpentine. Clean up is slightly more tedious as it usually requires more than soap and water.  Usually paint thinner is used for cleaning paint brushes and the pallet and pallet knife, however for skin and clothing turpentine is usually a little gentler but must be followed up with soap and water and a good hand cream.

4. Pencil crayon - Pencil crayon takes a little more work to blend in but it is definitely an interesting effect that you can get. Clean up is super easy.

5. Oil pastel - Can be a real stark contrast in colours, slightly harder to blend but still looks good when blended. Clean up is fairly easy though you must protect it with a fixative or it will end up transferring.

Other mediums I have worked with are tempera paint, acrylic paint, clay and plaster. Though some of these didn't quite make into my top 5 list, I do enjoy working with some of them.

Acrylic paint is a good alternative to oil paint, that isn't as hard to clean up. The downside is that it does dry faster and may need more coats of paint to get the effect you want.

In contrast I don't like working with tempera paint because I find it is often super runny and thin and doesn't blend quite the way I would like it to.

Clay and plaster are interesting mediums to use. I prefer the clay as I am better able to shape from nothing and add on to the clay as I work. Carving out using plaster can be more complicated. Sadly I cannot work so much in these mediums as I do not have the required materials to adequately work with them. 

As an artist you learn to work with multiple mediums and I am always open to trying new mediums. As much as a camera and the computer are fun to work with sometimes there is just a good feeling getting your hands dirty and just creating.

I am taking commissions. If you are interested in having something designed/illustrated or drawn please send me an email or contact me through my social media websites. 

I would also like to note that I currently only take payments for commissions through Paypal and Interac E-transfers.


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